Dilek Ulutaş

There is no coincidence in life. Ours is one of those beautiful cowards. Fortunately, we are in one of those important moments in my life that he did for my daughter without looking back. As a result of the interest, knowledge, honesty of Ömer Hodja and Betül Hanım and the obvious results of my daughter, three of my friends, who see the faith and trust in my eyes, are experiencing the happiness we have right now in the friend environments I have mentioned. Omer hoca is one of the most precious doctors I have ever seen. The importance he attaches to his patient is an important personality that makes him feel that he is human. Ms. Betül’s phone calls every day with interest and her support and smiling face without sitting down at every session… Thank you…

Leyla Varol Taşdelen

When I was looking for acupuncture and dietician on the internet because I thought I could not do it alone in the days when I decided to lose weight, I was advertised by Dr. Ömer Bey and Dyt. Betül Hanım’s Instagram page appeared, I felt close to me and decided to come. After a very warm and sincere meeting, we started the sessions. After 2 sessions, I would like to thank all the weight loss I saw on the weighing and Ms. Betül’s support phones for trying to help me continue on the path I entered without losing my motivation. I am happy that I chose the Traditional Medicine Center, they did not mislead me. I hope we will succeed together. I wish you healthy days…

Melek Düzgün

I heard about the acupuncture treatment and our doctor on the occasion of my cousin’s friend and we decided to come. This is my second week and 2,100 grams have already gone. My diet has become in order by not stopping eating and not going hungry, and when these sessions are over, I will continue this order in the same way. I was very satisfied. Hopefully, thanks to this start I will get the look I want and feel happy. Thanks…

Ayşe Çelik

When I first arrived, I was not feeling well, I had a lot of pain and was tired, but now I am more comfortable. And I have confidence because I trusted the doctor, I trusted the dietician lady and I believed it, I am very pleased. I was very hungry, I was always eating, now I believe I do not eat and continue. I’m getting weak without getting bored. My sweet crisis used to hurt, but now I definitely don’t eat it and I’m glad I’m here The dietician lady calling me every day changed me. The doctor is one of the best doctors in his field. He loves his job. Thank you both…

Rüstem Çelik

When I first came to your clinic, my general condition was not very good. Especially after the cupping and ozone applications, I started to feel better. Thanks.

Aysel Solgun

When I came to the clinic I was tired and overweight. I felt healthy and fit after having hamamat and acupuncture. My appetite control is very good right now. Thank you for making me see how I’m getting fit again.

Yeşim Sayın

Good thing our paths crossed and we got to know you. I would like to thank our teacher and Ms. Betül forever. Thanks again to Ms. Betül for her persistent calling even when I can’t turn my phone on and for making me feel that she is always a phone call away.