Although it is determined that the medical leech (Hirudo Medicinalis, Hirudo Orientalis, Hirudo Verbana) treatment was used independently in the history of different civilizations in different geographies such as Egypt, Rome, Persia, India, China, Anatolia and Europe, the oldest findings are B.C. It dates back to the Babylonian physicians in 1500 BC. Galen (130-201) and Ibni Sina (980-1037) noted that they frequently used leech in their treatments. It was widely used in the treatment of disease in the Seljuk and Ottoman. Our Prophet “Leech is a source of healing.” The hadith narrated as popularized leech therapy in Muslim societies.

As a result of scientific researches, it has been determined that there are more than a hundred kinds of enzymes and peptides useful for the human organism, each of which has different effectiveness in the secretion of medicinal leeches. It was recognized as a medical device in 2004 by the American FDA (Food Drug Administration), the world’s most important drug and treatment accreditation organization. It is widely used as “Leech Therapy” in many developed countries such as Germany, Netherlands, France, England, Russia and Australia.