It is not known when and by whom acupuncture treatments were started for the first time in history. However, BC. 2597 – 2697 Acupuncture was mentioned in Huang Di Nei Jing, which is accepted as the oldest medical book written during the Yellow Kingdom period in China. Needles made of sharpened stones, bone, fishbone, bamboo, metal and steel in chronological order were used.

Since very effective results have been obtained as a result of scientific studies carried out today, it was published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1979 that it has a therapeutic effect in about 60 different diseases.

Acupuncture applications in clinics called “Complementary Medicine” or “Integrative Medicine” in many hospitals, especially in Europe and America’s leading healthcare organizations (MayoClinic, ClevelandClinic, johnsHopkins Medicine…), constitute the basis of the treatments given.
One of the interesting information about acupuncture is BC. The indication of the basic 12 meridians used in acupuncture and the location of 360 points stated in the book “Shuo Wen Jie Za” written in 206, is the same with the point locations we use in acupuncture treatment today without differing millimeters.

Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attack

There is a very close relationship between our emotional state and the metabolic and hormonal state of our body, thus our body health.

Many reasons, from our diet to our sleep, from environmental stresses to illnesses and toxins, can create negative changes in our metabolic and hormonal structure, and in our mental and mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks, again disrupt our metabolic and hormonal balance and cause a vicious circle by damaging our body health.

We should aim for a PERMANENT recovery by trying to deal with the underlying causes of these situations instead of using drugs for life.

Traditional and Complementary Medicine Practices; It provides effective support in these treatments by helping the body to establish hormonal and metabolic balance.